Hicem Standard - Cement-based adhesive for tile installation : interior & exterior works

Product code : S-01
Price : 175 baht / bag
Quantity : 20 kg/bag
Using quantity : 5-7 Square meter/20Kg(Bag)
Storage : 1 year (from manufacturer date) and keep in good ventilation
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Hicem Standard is an adhesive dry-mix mortar for typical tile setting or repairs. The bonding agents and other additives of Hicem Standard meet all the requirements for a strong, permanent, moisture resistant bond as well as high technical standard.It is provide unbeatable advantage of economical price, fast and reliable on site with functionalliy and durability.Hicem Standard is highly recommended for a wide variety of interior and exterior designs, all wall and floor tile installation in homes or commercial businesses.Application typical tile work.
How to apply
1. Working surface should be clean and free from contaminants.
2. Mix Hicem Standard into pure water with 3:1 portion (by volume), stirs briskly about 5 mins or until well blended. Let stand for 3-5 mins. Do not add water.Mixture will be viable for approximately 30-40 mins.
3. Apply Hicem Standard mixture to the working surface in a smooth layer of 4-6 mm. thickness, then comb the adhesive with a notched trowel for a ribbed effect. Apply the tile firmly with a slight twist to ensure proper adhesion.Note:
-: Excessively warm or dry surfaces should be dampened slightly with water before adhesive application.
-: Avoid spreading excessive adhesive over a large surface which could dry before tile application.
-: On uneven surfaces, Hicem Standard may be applied in various thickness from 5-10 mm. to allow a smooth and level tile application. A thickness greater than 10 mm. is not recommended.
Technical Data
open time > 20 mins
Setting time 20-30 mins
Water retention 84.70 %
Length change 0.114 %
Slip resistance < 0.50 mm.
(EN 1308)
Tensile Adhesion Strength 0.5-1.0 MPa (N/mm2)
(EN 1348)
Shear Adhesion Strength 11.36 kgf/cm2
(British Standard 5385 Part 1)
Bond Strength 143.00 kgf/cm2
(ASTM C882-91)
Compressive Strength 285.00 kgf/cm2
(ASTM C109-80)
Flexural Strength 100.70 kgf/cm2
(ASTM C348-86)
Transverse deformation >2.50 mm.
Hicem Standard