HICEM Water Guard - HICEM Water Guard (for interior&exterior works)

Product code : HCWG1
Price : 375 baht / 1.0 litres/gallon
1625 baht /4.5 litres/gallon
Quantity : 1 litre/gallon (12 gallons/carton) ,
4.5 litres/gallon (6 gallons/carton)
Using quantity : 0.25 litre/sq.m2 (approximately)
Storage : 12 months (from manufacturer date) and keep in good ventilation
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Hicem Water Guard is a solvent-free siloxane/ alkylaloxysilane emulsion in water. It is suitable as a water-thinable impregnating into absorbent building materials and suitable for variety of substrates such as masonry, dense concrete and other large-pored surface especially lime and stone or silica-composed materials etc. It is normally use as protective primer to keep the natural surface as the original. This product is outstanding in prevent any damage cause by water or humidity as well as stain and aggressive airborne pollutants.Hicem Water Guard provides high water vapor permeability for building materials; leave surface optical unchanged in natural status, high reduction of capillary water absorption and efflorescence. Application surface that is preferable for demonstrate such as brick wall, waterfall model, plaster, natural stone, fibrous cement, sculpture, colored grout, etc.
How to apply
Surface preparation:-Surface or substrate must be clean, dry, no dust or stain. Surface that covers by lichens, mold or other stain has to be clean off by fungicidal cleaner or surfactants and leave it dry.Hicem Water Guard:-1.Coat HICEM Water Guard on the clear surface (no additional of water) with brush or rolling drum. It is normally apply the same as an aqueous deeply penetrating primer like other emulsion.
2.Repeat on the damp surface or before it dry because surface will be affected by prior reaction.
3.In case of high porous surface 1-3 times repeat on is possible.
4.Checking that the surface is totally treated, because Hicem Water Repellent does not change the original appearance.
5. Leave it to dry about 12-24 hours. Once coat is effective about 2-3 years or until its surface has been destroyed.
Technical Data
1. Suppresses the growth of micro-organism.(Not a breeding ground for fungi,algae and mosses)
2. Suppresses the efflorescence.
3. Unchanged the surface's appearance.
4. Long lasting reduction of capillary water absorption after one treatment.
6.Environmental friendly.
7.Excellent performance and cost effective.
HICEM Water Guard