SIka -102(waterplug) - Cementitious fast setting water plug

Product code : SK51
Price : 453 baht / 300 ml
Using quantity : Technical Data (Typical)

Grey powder

2.0 kg/litre (mixed) approx.

pH :12 approx.

Mix ratio
3 parts powder : 1 part water
Storage : Minimum 12 months shelf life in unopened original container.
Sika Plug is a chloride free, ready for use powder based on high alumina cement. When mixed with water, it becomes a powerful, fast setting waterplug.
How to apply
Ready to use waterplug to stop pressure leaks and seepage through rock and concrete, as well as through joints between concrete and steel (bolt surroundings, ducts, sheetpiles etc.) in culverts, tunnels, dams, basements,pools for short term service life.


Quickly work the mixed mortar firmly into the leaking crevice, V-cut, joint etc.and hold in place with a gloved hand or trowel until the mortar is sufficiently hard to remain in place. Strike off flush with the surface if desired. Repeat this procedure, mixing small quantities at a time until the seepage or leak is stemmed.If the water pressure is very high and dislodges the applied mortar, use a timber plug or similar which can then be covered and secured with Sika Plug.

Technical Data
ย• Easy to use, easy to mix, just add water.

ย• No special equipment required.

ย• Very fast setting with rapid strength development.

ย• Good adhesion to mineral substrates.

ย• Remarkable water-stopping power and hydraulic resistance.

ย•No cracking, practically no shrinkage.