Hicem Ready-Mixed Mortar - Hicem Ready-Mixed Mortar (Power bond)

Product code : S-03
Price : 52 baht / bag
Quantity : 3 kg/bag
Using quantity : 1-3Sq.m/3kg
Storage : 1 year (from manufacturer date) and keep in good ventilation
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Hicem Latex Adhesive Ready-Mixed Mortar is a simple high-grade material used in all types of tile application, especially for repairs. It is one of the most recommended dry-mix that is suitable for even the difficult substrates such as smooth or non-absorbent concrete.It is high recommended for DIY (do it yourself) usage.Application fixing-requirement work
How to apply
Repairing Application Guidance1. Concrete surface must be rigid, clear and free of contaminants that could prevent a good adhesion.
2. Old,cracked or broken concrete or plaster should be removed to provide a stable base for the hicem latex adhesive ready-mixed mortar.
3. If the concrete or plaster surface is cracked or uneven, it must be sufficiently smooth to accommodate a mortar application of 5-10 mm.
4. If the surface to be repaired is not in good condition, it should be pretreated with Hicemflex Latex Adhesive Emulsion to increase bonding strength.
5. Prepare Hicem Adhesive Ready-Mixed Mortar into fresh water in proportion of 3:1(by volume), stirs briskly about 5 mins or until well blended. Let stand for 3-5 mins. Do not add water.Mixture will be viable for approximately 30-40 mins.
6. Apply mortar to smooth, flat concrete surface.
Technical Data
open time > 20 mins
Setting time 20-30 mins
Water retention 84.70 %
Length change 0.114 %
Slip resistance < 0.50 mm.
(EN 1308)
Tensile Adhesion Strength >1.0 MPa (N/mm2)
Shear Adhesion Strength 13.36 kgf/cm2
(British Standard 5385 Part 1)
Bond Strength 160.00 kgf/cm2
(ASTM C882-91)
Compressive Strength 340.00 kgf/cm2
(ASTM C109-80)
Flexural Strength 100.70 kgf/cm2
(ASTM C348-86)
Transverse deformation >2.50 mm.
Hicem Ready-Mixed Mortar