SikaGrout® -214 -11 - High Performance Non-Shrink Grout for Large Volume

Product code : SK21411
Price : 450 baht / bag
Quantity : 25 kg / bag
Using quantity : Mixing
Powder should be added to the pre-gauged water to suit the desired consist
For J rote of 8 second, approx. 3.75 litres of water (approx. 15% by weight
of SikaGrout® -214-11) should be used.
Mix mechanically with a low speed drill (max.500 RPM) with a disc agita
tor attached, until a smooth, even consistency is achieved.

Consumption : For 1 m3 of mortar approx. 75x25 kg bags and 280 litres of water
Storage : Storage Conditions :Dry
Shelf Life :At least 12 months in unopened original container
SikaGrout® -214 -11 is a non-shrink, self-levelling, cementitious grouting mor
tar with extended working time to suit local ambient temperatures.
How to apply
SikaGrout® -214-11 is suitable for the following grouting works :
- Machine foundations
- Rail beds
- Columns in precast construction
- Anchor bolts
- Bridge bearings
- Cavities,gaps,recesses,etc.
Technical Data
- Excellent flowability
- Good dimensional stability
- High strengths, Adjustable consistency
- No Bleeding
- Non toxic, non corrosive
- Ready and easy to use
- Economical
- Impact and vibration resistant

Coverage Approx. 2 kg of powder for one litre of mortar.
SikaGrout® -214 -11