SikaGrout -212 HP
High Early Strength and High Performance Non-Shrink Grout

Product code : SK212HP
Price : 550 baht / 300 ml
Using quantity : Coverage : Approx. 2 kg. of powder for one litre of grouting mortar.

Consumption :For 1 m3 of mortar approx. 77 x 25kg. bags and 260 litres of water.
Storage : Stoage Conditions :Dry
Shelf Life :At least 6 months in unopened original container
SikaGrout® -212 HP is a ready to use, shrinkage compensated, non fer
rous, high early strength, self-levelling, bearing grout. Pre-mixed and
selectively graded materials result in a dense homogenous mix.

SikaGrout® -212 HP is designed to counteract the normal shrinkage of
mortar and concrete and to absorb and minimize the effects of vibration on
foundations. The high early strength property is suitable for work that
requires early loads including machinery bases, structural columns, pre
stressed girders, bridge bearings, rail posts and seatings bolts etc.
How to apply
Instruction for use:
Surface preparation
Concrete surfaces should be clean, sound and free from oil, greases,
laitance and loose particles. Metal surfaces (iron and steel) should be free
from scale, rust, oil and grease. Absorbent substrate must be saturated
thoroughly, but no standing water.

Powder should be added to the pre-gauged water to suit the desired consistency
3.375-3.50 ltr.of water are used at 30OC ambient temperature to
obtain a free flowing and self-levelling grout. Mix mechanically with a low
speed drill (max. 500 RPM) with a suitable agitator attached, until a smooth
even consistency is achieved.

Pour mortar after mixing. Ensure that air entrapped into the grout is allowed
to escape. Then carrying out baseplate grouting, ensure sufficient head of
pressure is maintained to keep mortar flow uninterrupted. Make sure, that
necessary formwork is firmly in place and watertight. Use chains, rods, or
tamping devices to compact grout tightly, completely removing all air voids.

Clean all tools and equipment with water immediately after use.Hardened
mortar can only be removed mechanically.
Technical Data
- Excellent flowability
- Good dimensional stability
- Controlled expansion
- Contains no added chlorides; will not rust, bleed, or harm metal on
- High early compressive strength; allows earlier loading and minimizes
- High early strength produces minimal downtime for maintenance and
- Non toxic, non corrosive
- Ready and easy to use
- Economical
SikaGrout -212 HP