Sika Padding Mortar
Dry Pack Mortar

Product code : SKPM01
Price : 450 baht / 300 ml
Quantity : 25 kg./bags
Using quantity : Surface preparation
All concrete surface to be ย“chippedย” off to at least 2 cm. depth and the
width more than the plate by 10 cm.
Remove all loose material, oil or grease from the ย“Chippedย” concrete
Wet the concrete surface thoroughly with clean water.
Padding height is recommended to be more than 5 cm.

Formwork constructed must be tight and able to contain the dry mix con
sistency of the padding mortar.

Quantity of water required is 2.5 - 2.75 Litres per 25 kg.bag.
The selected water content should be accurately measured.
Slowly add the total content of Padding mortar and mix till the required
consistency is achieved.
For best results a mechanically powered mortar mixer should be used.
Storage : Storage Conditions :dry

Shelf Life :At least 12 months in unopened original container

A premixed cementitious mortar designed to give a dry pack mix consist
ency for a specialist application in levelling of machine beds prior to grout
How to apply
The compaction must be continuous so that the padding mortar surface is
When the required height or the padding mortar is reached, place the liner
plate onto the mortar surface. Good bond between the underside of the
plate and the mortar surface can be achieved if the mortar surface is plastic
or wet the underside of the plate before lowering it onto the mortar surface.

All exposed portion of the pad is to be properly cured by means of water
application, wet hessian or Sika curing membrane.
Technical Data
- Easy to use : Requires only the addition of water
- Rapid strength gain : Facilitates quick installation and early operation of
- Reliability : Pre bagged material eliminates the site produced mortar
- Chloride free : Composition allows high early strength development with
out the use of chloride
- Non Shrink : No loss of bond or surface contact
- Can use as general repair product such as infilling of recess, small
homeycombs and minor damages.

Compressive Strength

6 hrs. = 7
10 hrs. = 25
12 hrs. = 30
1 day = 40
3 days = 55
28 days = 70