HICEM-Waterproof - Waterproofing-Cement based adhesive for Mortar and Concrete works

Product code : S-11
Price : 1115 baht / bag
Quantity : 20 kg/bag
Using quantity : 5-7 Square meter/20Kg(Bag)
Storage : 1 year (from manufacturer date) and keep in good ventilation
Hicem - Waterproof is a new product of hybrid cement combining the value of true waterproofing with the strength of adhesive for tile installation or any construction project. A leading and respected laboratory developed and tested this innovative cement to permanently seal and bond tiles to prevent water damage. The new technology activates a crystal sealer whenever exposed to water and effectively blocks the naturally porous cement providing a new level of durability against the ravages or moisture, chemical agents and flooding.HICEM, a leading name in adhesive mortar production for many years, now leads the industry in this breakthrough method of combating the natural dangers of rain of flood water intrusion HICEM-WATERPROOF. offer "water-proofing" fir the first time as opposed to mere "water-resistance" of other products.Application Waterproofing for mortar and concrete works. Properties- Internal waterproofing by activating properties that become a part of the cement matrix and withstands high hydrostatic pressure.
- Maintain adhesion and cohesion over lengthy periods even under extreme and cyclical conditions.
- Suitable for tile installation, plastering, or any concrete construction on building areas exposed to water intrusion.
How to apply
1.The substrate should be flat, level, oil and dusty free.
2. Mix HICEM-WATERPROOF into clean water,
water 20-30% of total weight or 4 - 6 kg of water/20 kg of HICEM-WATERPROOF (1 bag)
3. Apply HICEM-WATERPROOF by notched trowel 1 sq.m2 each time with the average 0.5-1.0 cm. thickness. Then press the tile and adjust as required. (Adjustment time is about 15 mins)Remarks For waterproof mortar or other concrete works, HICEM-WATERPROOF should apply continuously with the thickness not less than 0.5-1.0 cm.
Technical Data

DIN 1048 Penetration Teating of Waterproof Concrete
ASTM C 1586-11 Measurement of rate of Absorption of
water by Hydraulic - Cement Concrete
ASTM C 109 Test of Tensile Strength of Cement Mortars
ASTM C305-11 Standard Practice for Mechanical Mixing of
Hydraulic Cement Pastes and Mortars of Plastic Consistency
BS EN 1348 Adhesive for tiles - Delemination of tensile
adhesion strength for cementitious Adhesives
BS EN 1323 Adhesive for tile - Concrete slab for test