Smart Hicem - Typical cement-based tile adhesive

Product code : SM-01
Quantity : 20Kg/Bag
Using quantity : 5-7 Sq.m /20Kg(Bag)
Storage : 1 year (from manufacturer date) and keep in good ventilation
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (FOR EXPORT ONLY) SMART HICEM is an adhesive dry-mix mortor for typical tile setting or repairs. The bonding agents and other additives of SMART HICEM meet all the requirements for a strong, permanent bond, moisture resistant, as well as technical standard. It provides unbeatable advantage of economical price, fast and reliable on site with functionalliy and durability.
SMART HICEM is highly recommended for a wide variety of interior and exterior designs, especially for floor tile installation in home or commercial buildings.
How to apply
1. Surface preparation
Working sureface must be cleansound, dry with normal absorption. Free from dust, oil, contaminants such as curing compound, sealer or any based residue.
2. Mixing
Pour SMART HICEM tile adhesive into pure water with 3:1 portion (by volume), stirs briskly about 5 mins or until well blended. Let stand for 10-15 mins. Do not add water, latex or additional powder after slacking period. (For mechanical mixer, it is recommended to apply low speed not more than 150rpm)
3. Application
Apply SMART HICEM mixture to the working surface in a smooth layer of 5-8 mins. Thickness, then comb the adhesive with a notched trowel for a ribbed effect. Apply the tile firmly with a slight twist to ensure proper adhesion if the tile is over 15x15 cm. it is recommended to apply tile adhesive slightly all over at the back of the tile.
4. Tiles preparation
Tiles should not be immersed in water. Ensure that the tiles are dry and clean before tiling. The adjustment time is 20-25 mins. Recommended the thickness of adhesive is between 5-8 mm. Leave at least 24 Hrs. before grouting. Using quantity: 3-5sqm./20kg(Bag)
12 months after manufacturing date. It should be keep unopened in dry and ventilated store.
IT is not recommended to use on exterior wall higher than 3m. or use with non-porosity tiles. (Use HICEM EXCEL-POWER instead).
IT is ont suitable for using on metal, plastic, glazing substrates surface or gypsum board.
1. Use runner hand gloves, dust mask & safety goggles. In case of allergy seeks medical advice immediately.
2. Keep out of reach of children
Technical Data
ISO 13007-2005 
Tensile adhesion strength after 28 day 1.42 N/mm2 

Tensile adhesion strength after water immersion 1.29 N/mm2 

Tensile adhesion strength after heat aging 0.50 N/mm2 

Tensile adhesion strength after freeze-thaw cycle 1.06 N/mm2 

Open time 20 mins 

Slip resistance 0.30 mm.
Smart Hicem