Hicem CGCT-Microkiller - Hicem Colored grouts for ceramic tile: CGCT plus microbial protection

Product code : CGCT2
Price : price depends on color
Quantity : 1kg/bag (24bags/box)
Using quantity : 3-5 sq.m2/ kg/bag
Storage : 12 months (from manufacturer date) and keep in good ventilation

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Hicem Colored Grouts for Ceramic Tile: CGCT - microbial protection series are artificial elements for filling in the gaps between ceramic tiles plus microbial protection. They are composed of mainly White Portland Cement, binder, pigments, plus preservatives. Hicem CGCT-Microkiller has a very broad spectrum of activity against algae, bacteria, yeasts and fungi. They are quality control at factory to provide best performance with various colors to blend with whatever tiles are used. These superior grouts are suitable for the most sophisticated homes. They are qualified all architectural design with touch of high standard work and elegance not found in other products. General useAs in any grout application, time and attention will yield an optimum result. The use of Hicem CGCT-microbial protection series, with care given to tile spacing and placement, will produce the finest performance.Application area joint gap 2-5 mm.,hygienic area such as bathroom, kitchen, living room, public area etc.

How to apply
1. Grouting for the joints may be carried out at any time to suit the convenience of the work, although it is essential to allow sufficient time to claps to ensure adequate setting of the bed to avoid disturbance of the finishing during the growth operation. However, it is not advisable to delay grouting unduly as the open joints may be exposed to general building dust and deleterious material.

2. Mix Hicem-CGCT Microkiller into pure water approximately 3:1 until it is consistency of peanut butter. Let stand about 8-10 mins.

3. Apply grouts with a rubber squeegee or grouting trowel. Work back and forth over the area until the joints are completely filled. Excess grout should be removed from the tiles with the aid of a rubber squeegee or grouting trowel and a damp, not wet cloth.

4. After one week removes the excess grout adhering to the tiles.

Technical Data
organisms inhibitory: BacteriaBacillus sbtillis
Escherichia coli
Pseudomanas aeruginosa
proteus vulgarisYeast
Candida albicans
Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMouldsAltermaria consortiale
Aspergillus amstelodami
Aspergillus niger
Aureobasidium pullaulans
Chaetomium globosum
Geotrichum candidum
Paecilomyces varioti
Penicillium funiculosum
Penicillium notatum
Penicillium variide
sclerophoma pityophila
Trichoderma viride
Verticulluum glaucumAlgaeAnabaena cylindrical
Chlorella fusca

Abrasion resistance <2000 mm3
(EN 12808-2)
Compressive and flexural Strength >3.5 N/mm2
(EN 12808-3)
Shrinkage <2 mm/m
(EN 12808-4)
Water absorption:after 30 mins <2 gm
(EN 12808-5 ) :after 240 mins <5 gm

Hicem CGCT-Microkiller
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