Hicem CGCT- for swimming pool (Microkiller plus sillicone) - HICEM Wide gap and Glass block: (Microorganism protection plus Silicone)

Product code : CGCT3
Price : price depends on color
Quantity : 1kg/bag (24bags/box)
Using quantity :  3-5 sq.m2/ kg/bag
Storage : 12 months (from manufacturer date) and keep in good ventilation
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Hicem Colored Grouts for Ceramic Tile: CGCT - microbial protection plus silicone series is a specific product for filling in the wide gap normally over than 5 mm. such as glass blocks which typically use for shower curtain.These products improve bonding, workability, flexibility, abrasive resistance, fungi resistance and provide most ability of water resistant of Hicem-CGCT. They are standardized and quality controlled to provide excellent performance with colors to blend with whatever tiles or glass blocks are used. These superior silicone grouts are suitable for the most sophisticated architectural designs.General useAs in any grout application, time and attention will yield an optimum result. The use of Hicem CGCT-microbial protection plus silicone series, with care given to tile spacing and placement, will produce the finest performance.Application area joint gap more than 5 mm.,hygienic and water resistant area such as glass block shower, walk way, public area etc.

How to apply
1. Tiles or Glass blocks installation has to be completely set and its working surface should be clean, free of contaminants and least moisture content. Grouting these joints is considered to follow wide-gap procedure. Drying out may take longer from dense backgrounds and grouting should, if necessary, be delayed for 3 days.

2. Mix Hicem-CGCT Microbial protection plus silicone series into pure water with 3:1 portion (by volume). Stir briskly about 5 mins or until well blended. Let stand for 3-5 mins. Do not add more water.
Remarks: where mortar is used for wide joint filling, it should be stiff and slump-free. The wider the joints, the greater the stiffness of the mixture should be.(minimum of water necessary to achieve workability)

3. Apply Hicem Hicem-CGCT (Microbial protection plus silicone) with a rubber float or similar tool, the grout should be applied over the surface of the finished work to an area as large as can possibly should be worked before hardening commence.
Excess grouts should be cleaned off the face of the work with a rubber squeegee which also helps to ensure that all joints are filled. When the jointing grout is sufficiently stiff, the work should be carefully washed down and, when dry, polished with a clean, dry cloth.

Technical Data
Technical (ISO 13007-4:2005)
Flexural Strength under standard conditions : 4.0 N/mm2 > 2.5 N/mm2
Flexural Strength after freeze-thaw conditions : 3.3 N/mm2 > 2.5 N/mm2
Compressive Strength under standard conditions : 21.6 N/mm2 > 15 N/mm2
Compressive Strength after freeze-thaw conditions : 17.3 N/mm2 > 15 N/mm2
Abrasive resistance : <1030 mm3 < 2000 mm3
Water absorption : after 30 min <0.69 gm < 5 gm
after 240 mins <1.73 gm < 10 gm

Hicem CGCT- for swimming pool (Microkiller plus sillicone)
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