Granitto Tiny-Gap Colored Grouts - Granitto Tiny-Gap Colored Grouts for Ceramic Tile

Product code : CGCT4
Price : price depends on color
Quantity : 1 kg/bag (2bag/box)
Using quantity : Using quantity   3.0 - 4.0 sq.m2/ kg (bag)
Storage : 12 months (from manufacturer date) and keep in good ventilation

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Hicem Granitto Tiny-Gap Colored Grouts for Ceramic Tile: CGCT - Granitto for spaces less than 2 mm. are particular grouts designed for Granitto and large-sized tiles that normally set together and left spaces less than 2 mm.These kind of grouts are perfectly penetrating into tiny spaces by its free-flowing characteristic. It is also high performance of water resistance, high remarkable property of preventing thick build-up of white viscous material on the tile surface and contains a substrate that prevents disease-causing microorganism.These products meet and surpass standard qualification testing methods: BS EN 13888-2009 and BS EN 12808 and maintained for the life of the product through additives of silicone and hydrophobic polymer. HICEM Granitto Tiny-Gap Colored Grouts, with a wide variety of natural colors and smooth finish, add elegance to any decor or architectural style. It is environmental friendly, toxic-free and odorless.  

General use As in any grout application, time and attention will yield an optimum result.The use of Hicem Granitto Tiny-Gap Colored Grouts, with care given to tile spacing and placement, will produce the finest performance.

Application area Spaces left between Granitto and large-scale tiles that typically less than 2 mm.Decoration tiles that prefer anti-effluorescence or anti-white viscous material.Joint gaps between Ceramic tiles where hygienic is needed such as bathroom, kitchen and etc.                                    



How to apply
1. Grouting for the joints may be carried out at any time to suit the convenience of the work, although it is essential to allow sufficient time to claps to ensure adequate setting of the bed to avoid disturbance of the finishing during the growth operation. However, it is not advisable to delay grouting unduly as the open joints may be exposed to general building dust and deleterious material. 2. Mix Hicem Granitto Tiny-Gap Colored Grout into pure water approximately 3:1 until it is consistency of peanut butter. Let stand about 8-10 mins. 3. Apply grouts with a rubber squeegee or grouting trowel. Work back and forth over the area until the joints are completely filled. It is easily flow into the tiny-gap without any force until the gaps are fully filled. Excess grout should be removed from the tiles with the aid of a rubber squeegee or grouting trowel and a damp, not wet cloth. 4. After one week removes the excess grout adhering to the tiles.

Technical Data
Compressive Strength: EN 12808-3               27.5  N/mm2                  Require      >   15.0  N/mm2

Flexural Strength:        BS EN 13888-2009      7.90 N/mm2                 Require      >    2.50 N/mm2

Water Absorption:        EN 12808-2                 4.84 gm at 240 mins     Require      <    10    gm at 240 mins

Abrasion Resistance:    EN 12808-2               < 400 mm3                    Require      <  2000  mm3

Drying Shrinkage:        EN 12808-4                 0.80 mm./m                 Require      <      3    mm./m

Water Permeability       DIN 1048            Max  6.0    bars                      Require             NA


Granitto Tiny-Gap Colored Grouts
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