Hicem White Blocker Colored Grout - Hicem White Blocker Colored Grout : Anti-Efflorescence reaction causes no Calcium Carbonate deposit on top

Product code : HWB
Price : price depends on color
Quantity :
Using quantity : 1-4 sq. m / kg (Approximately)

Usage Area
Exterior grouting for Ceramic tile, Granite, Natural marble or any area that frequently in touch with water, for example, running fountain, hallway up to building or nameplate decorated with black granite etc.
Storage :
Benefits: HICEM White Blocker Colored Grouts
Anti-Effluorescence reaction cause Calcium Carbonate (Ca2Co3) free
Equivalent properties to High performance grout, as following:
Compresseive Strength > 20.7 MPa

Flexural Strength > 6.89 MPa

Equivalent properties to all Standard requirement of Cement Grout
Water absorption < 18% 

Tensile Adhesion Strength  > 2.06 MPa

Inhibit Mold, Bacteria, Micro-organism (Microkiller), and water intrusion 

How to apply
How to use
Surface preparation & Application
1.Remove dust and oil stain from joint between ceramic tiles to ensure surface contact & good adhesion. 
It is recommended to grout at least 24 hours after fixing tiles.

2.Area that expose to strong sunlight should spray with water before grouting.

3.Pour HICEM white blocker colored grout into clean water at the ratio of 5 : 1 or additional 18-20 % of water. This ratio is varied according to working condition.

4.Mix HICEM grout until it homogenizes, Leave 4-5 mins. Pave Colored groutswith rubber trowel in oblique direction. Leave 20 mins, then clean with damp cloth.

Technical Data

Hicem White Blocker Colored Grout
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